b"Editor's desk Editors deskOur best of series, marking the 50thconsiders the impact of COVID-19 onPlease stay safe and, importantly, stay anniversary of the establishment ofgeophysical teaching and research. Mikecheerful!the Australian Society of ExplorationHatch (Environmental geophysics) has Geophysicists, continues in this issue.used some of his time-out to resume hisLisa Worrall John Denham, who was Editor ofquest to improve the interpretation ofPreview Editor Exploration Geophysics from 1994 - 99data collected using ground conductivityprevieweditor@aseg.org.aumakes his selection. Again, you will havemeters. Terry Harvey (Mineral geophysics) to flick through to the feature pages tooffers sage advice about survey design. find out what it is! Mick Micenko (Seismic window) puts on his beer googles. Tim Keeping (Data We also have a second feature; Kimtrends) revisits ASEG GDF2, and Ian James Frankcombe must have had time on(Webwaves) warns us to check up on our his hands during lockdown becauseprivacy.he has finally delivered on a promise to write up some work he has done onThe State, Territory and Federal approximating magnetic response fromgeological surveys continue to deliver topography (Magnetics in the mountains).new data (Geophysics in the surveys) If you are processing magnetic dataand promise more. I, for one, am acquired in topographically challengingfinding it hard to keep up. So much environments, this article is definitely onedata to review, so many webinars to you will want to bookmark. attend! I have observed that lockdown has sorted us, the great unwashed, David Denham (Canberra observed)into those who are busier than ever, reflects ruefully on 2020a year thatand those who are twiddling their is only half over. He also directs usthumbs. I know I have been busierYes, I drew the short straw, and my office was my towards some interesting reports thatthan ever, but I suspect that hasbedroom for the duration of lockdown. In common have recently released, including ahad something to do with sharingwith many working parents and grandparents, I was CSIRO report on hydrogen as an energylockdown with my grandchildren mybeing closely supervised by children - a two year old source. Michael Asten (Education matters)grandchildren. in this case!Letter to the EditorDear Lisa the YouTube video on Lundberg, whichrecognised electrical anisotropy all in may have not been available at the time1913. His company, which included his I liked reading Ken Witherlys history ofof publication. See CMHF 2020Hansbrother Marcel and his son-in-law Henri Hans Lundberg in the February issueLundberg tribute video. Doll, founded what was to become of Preview (Preview 204). Ken and Ithe biggest well-logging company in have corresponded on the history ofLundbergs name was known in Australiathe world, Schlumberger-Doll, in 1926. geophysics for at least 20 years, and hefrom 1925, through the writings aboutHowever, Conrad was unfortunately no is a keen member of the ASEG Historythe Lundberg-Nathorst method bymatch for Lundbergs longevity, as he Committee - the only non-AustralianE. C. Andrews, the then Governmentdied of a heart attack in 1936 at the age currently on that Committee. Geologist, and others. of 58.The text of this paper has largeKens claim that Lundberg might be theAnother member of the Canadian similarities with Kens paper in theWorlds first mineral geophysicist, asMining Hall of Fame, also appearing in SEG Newsletter (119) of October lastwell as Canadas, is worth considering.Preview (142) was Dr Anthony Barringer. year, but is supplemented with moreCertainly, I am not aware of any earlierBarringer is another prodigious inventor, illustrations, including a figure showingminerals geophysicist with such aholder of 60 patents on new ideas and measurements by Lundberg in 1926broad range of involvement spreadmethods, and author of 80 papers who of equipotential surveys at Buchansover a period of five decades. As Kenalso spent equal time with geochemical lead-zinc mine, plus four more photosdetails, Lundbergs first written workpursuits such as Airtrace. His legacy than one common to both papers, pluswas his thesis in 1917, and his last inis, therefore, in many ways similar to a poem. Also new is a recent photo of1960. Conrad Schlumberger madeLundbergs, but about 30-40 years later.Ken and a few Canadian geophysicalelectrical measurements earlier than colleagues celebrating LundbergsLundberg with equipotential readings induction into the Canadian Mining Hallin 1912, and reported for the first timeRoger Henderson of Fame in 2020. Ken has not referred toon the electrical I.P. and S.P. effects androgah@tpg.com.au1 PREVIEW JuNE 2020"