b'PeopleNewsPhillip Wynne awarded GA 2020 Australia Day Achievement Medallionbuild better ways of doing things. Phillipthe GAP team; always contributes, is works with other GA sections and Stateprepared to lead, a can-do operator agencies to ensure all newly acquiredthat always treats other peoples ideas gravity data is properly levelled, reduced,with respect and sensitivity. Phillip is the archived and calibrated to the Australianonly person working on ground gravity Fundamental Gravity Network (AFGN).datasets for the States and national Spanning the entire continent and allcompilations for the last 10 years, of the respective states and territories,maintains the AFGN network and was the Phillip provides a single point ofHealth and Safety Representative (HSR) accountability. for the floor for 10 yrs. Most recently he has been asked to lead some additional Phillip is also the long-standingprojects which in each case, are taken Phillip Wynne, a long standing ASEGcoordinator of the State and Territoryon as enthusiastic challenges and not Member and contributor, was awardedGovernment Geophysicists, andburdens on an already full plate. The GAP Geoscience Australias Australia Daythere are many examples of how thisteam are very grateful to have Phillip as a Achievement Medallion earlier this year. working group have made innovativelong-standing team member.improvements and resolved issues early The award was made by James Johnson,in a safe and calm environment. PhillipPhillip has been with Geoscience GAs Chief Executive Officer. James read theis attuned to the needs of GA, MRB andAustralia 26 years.following citation that was put together by Phillips colleagueswho clearly value his contribution to their workplace.Phillip has shown himself to be a team player that team leaders long for: a quiet achiever, always contributing, prepared to lead when asked and never flustered when confronted with extra work. He builds positive organisational culture by getting on with the job but operating with open arms when the opportunity to collaborate is presented. He mixes experience of the role, his intimate knowledge of Geoscience Australia (GA) and the geophysical acquisition and processing (GAP) function with an underlying hunger to innovate and Free subscription to Preview online Non-members of the ASEG can now subscribe to Preview online via the ASEG website. Subscription is free. Just go to https://www.aseg.org.au/publications/PVCurrent to sign up. You will receive an email alert as soon a new issue of Preview becomes available. Stay informed and keep up-to-date by subscribing now!!NB: ASEG Members dont need to subscribe as they automatically receive an email alert whenever a new issue of Preview is published.11 PREVIEW JuNE 2020'