b'Webwaves Webwaves1. Protect your accounts 3. Be smart about connected devicesFeaturing in previous WebwavesSmart devices are changing our columns including Preview 195lives. Have you stopped to think (https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/ who owns the data and where it is abs/10.1071/PVv2018n195p42)going? Are some devices listening and Preview 199 (https://www. into your conversations all day? tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1 Do the manufacturers share your 080/14432471.2019.1597401) information with third parties? All of , protecting your accounts includesthese points are worth considering for using multi-factor authentication,any smart devices in use. Online tools strong and unique passwords, andincluding *privacynotincluded from using reputable password managersMozilla https://foundation.mozilla.to store credentials. Additionally,org/en/privacynotincluded/ provide Ian JamestoolssuchasHave I Been Pwnedinformation on how secure a device is ASEG Webmaster(https://haveibeenpwned.com) allowand what is happening to your data.webmaster@aseg.org.au users to check if they have been implicated in a data breach. 4. Tracking your locationReboot your privacy 2. Detox your digital profile Tracking your location is multifaceted. There is your physical location that While social media is a useful waysmartphones and apps may track. Have a The week of 4 - 10 May was Privacyto stay in touch, especially if one islook and think about which apps are able Awareness Week 2020. As part of thein lockdown due to COVID-19, theto track your location. There is also your week, the OAIC (Office of the Australianprivacy controls on your social mediaweb browser and tracking of your online Information Commissioner) was runningaccounts should be checked. Limitinglocation, or presence. using a search engine a campaign for people to Reboot yourapps that have access to your sociallike DuckDuckGo (https://duckduckgo.com) privacy and protect your personalmedia accounts, and increasing privacyand clearing Cookies can help to prevent information online. This campaignsettings to control who can see posts,tracking of your online presence / usage.consists of 10 topics to investigate tocontact details and profiles is worth improve privacy. Here we look at the first 5considering. Without appropriate and5. Wheres your data going?- for the complete list of topics and furtherstrict privacy controls in place, your information on privacy check out the OAICcontent may be more visible thanWebsites regularly use Cookies and website (https://oaic.gov.au/privacy). intended. other online identifiers to improve user experience. These can also be used to track movements across the web. Browsing the internet while logged into various platforms and social media sites can allow these companies to track a users activity across the web. It is recommended that users regularly clear caches/delete Cookies and do not browse the internet or shop online while logged into Google or social media accounts.COVIDsafe tracking appthe COVIDsafe app to track the COVID-19Logs of interactions are deleted on pandemic and help to warn people ifa 21-day rolling cycle (based on the they have potentially become infected.incubation period of COVID-19).This is how the COVIDsafe app works: Should someone test positive, thelogs users download the app and enter theiron their device are decrypted and name, phone number and postcode.anyone they have been in close A unique, encrypted reference code isproximity to is informed that they may then created for each user. have been exposed.users keep Bluetooth enabled on theirAccess to the information on a users phone and the COVIDsafe app running. device is restricted to protect peoples When the user comes in close contactprivacy. State and Territory health officials with another device running theare permitted to access the information COVIDsafe app, a note of the date, time,for contact tracing only. The COVIDsafe In Australia, the government is currentlydistance and duration of contact isAdministrator is allowed access only to recommending that residents downloadlogged. The current location is not logged. ensure proper functioning of the app.JuNE 2020 PREVIEW 32'