b'CommitteesASEG newsASEG Research Foundation: Grants awarded in 2020Applications for ASEG ResearchEnvironmental category. The applicationstwo for PhD degrees. The total amount Foundation 2020 grants closed at thewere assessed, using the grant criteria, bycommitted for this years round was end of February 2020. Eight applicationsthe three relevant sub-committees. $46 220. We express appreciation to ASEG were received from five Australianfor a contribution of $45 000 for this year.universities. There were three in theFour applications were successful, taking Minerals category, two in the Petroleuminto account the availability of funds. OneA brief summary of the four successful category and three in the Engineering/ was for honours, one for masters andapplications follows:University Supervisor Student Degree Field Years Subjectuniversity ofProf Mike Dentith Natalia Delgado MSc M 1 Geophysics in precision agriculture: Mapping soil properties Western Australia to guide amelioration practices in the WA wheatbeltCurtin university Prof Brett Harris FionnualaBSc(Hons) M 1 Comparison, evaluation, and optimisation of the portable Campbell near surface Loupe TEM system for underground Nickel sulphide detectionuniversity ofA/Prof Simon Holford, A/ProfMonica JimenezPhD P 2 Controls on gravity-driven normal fault geometry and Adelaide Ros King and Dr Mark Bunch Lloreda growth in stacked deltaic settingsFlinders university Dr Ian Moffat Andrew Frost PhD E 3 Assessing a multi-modal approach in the location of unmarked graves under various seasonal conditionsDoug Roberts ASEG Research Foundation Secretary dcrgeo@tpg.com.auASEG Professional Development Committee: Events in 2020unfortunately, we have not been able tofrom this. Presentations plannedabout upcoming events by email on a enjoy the many excellent presentationsas presentations to regular branchregular basis.by national and international speakersmeetings, as well as presentationsRegrettably, all the SEG Honorary scheduled for our regular ASEG branchby international speakers have beenand Distinguished Lectures that were meetings in the first half of 2020. Most ofdelivered via our newly developedadvertised at the beginning of this these meetings were cancelled, and mostASEG webinar series. These webinarsyear have been cancelled. Despite still of our ASEG Members have been workinghave been broadly advertised bybeing advertised on the SEG website, from home for the last couple of months.email and by social media to ensurethe 2019 Distinguished Instructor The ASEG Professional Developmentthat ASEG Members from all aroundShort Course by David Monk Survey Committee has been working to continuethe world can benefit from them.Design and Seismic Acquisition for to engage with our Members, and to giveRecordings of these presentations areLand, Marine, and In-between in Light them the opportunity to grow their skillsfreely available on our website andof New Technology and Techniques, and extend their professional networkYouTube. will not be run in Australia this winter, by attending virtual/online lectures andOther geophysical societies have alsoalthough, it might be delivered as courses. increased their online presence, offeringa virtual course at a later date. The The lack of face-to-face professionalcomplimentary virtual lectures that areEAGE conference has been postponed interaction has led to greatly increasedbased on the presentations made atfor six months and will take place 8 online activity and we are trying torecent conferences. We are pooling this- 11 December 2020. The AEGC 2021 ensure that ASEG Members benefitinformation and notifying our Membersconference has also been postponed and will now take place 1520 September 2021. These are just a few of the event changes that are affecting our professional life.Marina Pervukhina and Kate Robertson ASEG Professional Development Committee Three excellent presentations that are now available on our website at https://www.aseg.org.au/aseg-videos. Marina.Pervukhina@csiro.auJuNE 2020 PREVIEW 6'