b'Executive briefASEG newsExecutive brief: 2020 AGMThe Annual General Meeting of the ASEGThe event saw the election of some newagreements with the Society of was held on 7 April 2020. Due to theASEG office bearers for 2020, and theExploration Geophysics (SEG) and the impact of the global COVID-19 pandemicdeparture of others. Dr David AnnettsSouth African Geophysical Association on Australia, we were unable to hold ourassumed the position of President for(SAGA). Ted also initiated the ASEGs 2020 Societys AGM in the usual format this2020. David has already made a big50th anniversary celebrations, including year. The ASEG Federal Executive, instead,impact on the Federal Executive in hisoverseeing the production of Doug held a highly successful AGM via onlinerole as President Elect over the last 12Morrisons book Measuring Terrestrial videoconferencing, including onlinemonths, and he has some great ideasMagnetism - A History: The evolution of voting. The event was well attendedto further progress the ASEG. We lookthe Airborne Magnetometer and the first with 27 attendees after receiving 31forward to the next 12 months underanti-submarine and geophysical surveys registrations from Members. That is anthe stewardship of David, and theoperationsPeople, Places and Events 88% turnout rate, which is fabulous. Thedevelopment of our Society. 11001949, which will be released outcome was very favourable, and theas a special ASEG 50th anniversary general consensus is that future AGMsWe wish to extend an enormous thankpublication. He has also had enormous should include an online presence, whileyou to our immediate Past President,input into the AEGC 2021 conference to also returning to the face-to-face format.Dr Ted Tyne. Teds tenure as Presidentbe held in Brisbane in 2021. Thank you Some of the happy faces that attendedhas been somewhat difficult at times,again, Ted.can be seen in Figure 1. navigating the move to Taylor & Francis as the new publishers of Preview andDanny Burns will continue in his role The planned talk by Graham Heinson,Exploration Geophysics. The process hasas Federal Treasurer. We thank Danny Professor of geophysics at The universitynot been without its difficulties, withfor his ongoing contribution to the of Adelaide, titled Training the nextsome substantial delays seen in theFederal Executive Committee. Dr Kate Generations of Geophysicists: Challengespublication of Preview. However, TedRobertson and Leslie Atkinson move and Opportunities unfortunately washas put an enormous amount of effortinto new roles on the committee as unsuitable for the online format, but weinto achieving a great outcome for ourPresident Elect and Federal Secretary, hope to get Graham back at a later dateSociety and our publications. under Tedsrespectively, and ASEG Directors. Thank to give his talk in person. leadership we saw new collaborativeyou also, to returning members of the Some of the participants in the online AGM.JuNE 2020 PREVIEW 4'