b"President's pieceASEG newsmay well reflect ASEGs origins when exploration companies were based on the east coast of Australia. Figure 2 also raises questions about conferences and opportunities for mentorship. These topics, and more, may be discussed in future Presidents pieces.To summarise then, in its 50th year, the ASEG is in excellent shape. It is an international organisation with two high-quality publications as well as a regular newsletter. It operates a modern responsive website, which is evolving to meet Members needs. It is a tripartite partner in the Australian Exploration Geoscience Conference, a world-standard conference evolving to meet the needs of the exploration geoscience community. I look forward to the challenge of Presidency.Figure 2:Comparison of the ASEGs membership in March 2020 by state as a function of decade of membership. The large numbers atop each bar indicate the total number of Members in each decade, whileDavid Annetts smaller numbers indicate the numbers from each state. In its 50th year, the ASEG can be considered a youngASEG President society, with many new Members. president@aseg.org.au3 PREVIEW JuNE 2020"