b'Geophysics in the surveysNewsmagnetotelluric surveys, deep seismicAusLAMP fieldwork in NSW has beenGlen, R. A., and J. L. Walshe. 1999. Cross-reflection (collaboratively with Geologicaldisrupted by travel restrictions due tostructures in the Lachlan Orogen: the Survey of Victoria and GA (Haydon 2019)),COVID-19. GSNSW plans to complete allLachlan Transverse Zone example. and palaeomagnetic and petrophysicalAusLAMP measurements in NSW withinAustralian Journal of Earth Sciences 46: studies (Musgrave 2018). six months of restrictions being lifted641658.and will release an updated dataset andHallett, M., J. Vassallo, R. Glen, and S. The Australian Lithospheric Architectureconductivity model shortly afterwards. Webster. 2005. MurrayRiverina region: Magnetotelluric Project (AusLAMP)an interpretation of bedrock Palaeozoic is a collaboration between the StateBob Musgravegeology based on geophysical data. and Northern Territory geologicalGeological Survey of New South WalesGeological Survey of New South Wales, surveys, universities, AuScope androbert.musgrave@planning.nsw.gov.au Quarterly Notes 118: 116.other research organisations. TheAlison KirkbyHaydon, S. 2019. Geological Survey of NSW component of AusLAMP, whichGeoscience Australia Victoria: Southeast Lachlan Crustal commenced in 2016, has to dateAlison.Kirkby@ga.gov.au Transect. Preview 202: 1920. DOI: completed 224 of a planned 320 sites in10.1080/14432471.2019.1672259.NSW. Long-period MT data have beenAcknowledgements Kirkby, A. L., Musgrave, R., Czarnota, recorded at a 55 km spacing in a rollingK., Doublier, M., Kyi, D., Duan, J. deployment. The array is sensitive toAusLAMP NSW is a collaboration between Geoscience Australia (GA) andand Cayley, R., (submitted). The variations in electrical conductivityresistivity structure of the Tasmanides, over depths from about 10 to 130the Geological Survey of New South Wales (GSNSW). Acquisition is fundedsoutheastern Australia, from AusLAMP km. A model derived from these datamagnetotelluric data and implications combined with AusLAMP data fromby GSNSW with in-kind contribution from GA. The AusLAMP Victoria datafor tectonic evolution. Submitted to Victoria (Duan and Kyi 2018) and theTectonophysics.eastern part of the Flinders Ranges inwere collected under a collaborative project between the Geological SurveyMoresi, L., P. G. Betts, M. S. Miller, and R. A. South Australia (Robertson, Heinson,Cayley. 2014. Dynamics of continental and Thiel 2016) is beginning to addressof Victoria (GSV) and GA using both AuScope/Australian National Soundingaccretion. Nature 508: 245248. a wide range of fundamental tectonicDOI:10.1038/nature13033.questions (Figure 1). Geoscienceand Imaging Research Infrastructure (ANSIR) and GA instruments. The farMusgrave, B. 2018. Geological Survey of Australia has released the NSWVictoriaNew South Wales: Palaeomagnetism resistivity model (http://pid.geoscience. western NSW data were collected using AuScope/ANSIR instrumentsand magnetic petrophysicsoroclines gov.au/dataset/ga/131889) and theand arcs. Preview 196: 2223. DOI: results are described in detail in Kirkbyby the university of Adelaide, with acquisition funded by the Plan for10.1071/PVv2018n196newsp15.et al (submitted). Results from AusLAMPMusgrave, R. J. 2015. Oroclines in the data acquired to date in New SouthAccelerating Exploration (PACE) initiative, Geological Survey of SouthTasmanides. J. Struct. Geol 80: 7298.Wales can now be downloaded fromMusgrave, R. J., M. Hallett, A. Carlton, the GSNSW MinView portal (minview. Australia (GSSA) and field support from GA. This article is published with theand Y. Poudjom Djomani. 2008. New geoscience.nsw.gov.au) and includegeophysical constraints on the extent station locations, EDI files, 3D modelpermission of the Executive Director, GSNSW and the CEO, Geoscienceof the Stawell and Bendigo zones in grids, and depth-slice images and grids. New South Wales. Abstracts, Australian Australia.The depth range of AusLAMP allowsEarth Sciences Convention, Perth, geologists to track major boundariesWestern Australia, 2024 July 2008.into the lower crust and lithosphericReferences Rawling, T. J., C. R. Osbourne, M. A. mantle. Curvature of the upper crustMcLean, P. B. Skladzien, R. A. Cayley, in the Stawell Zone can be traced toCayley, R., R. Musgrave, and W. Preiss.and B. Williams. 2011. 3D Victoria the base of the lithospherea key test2012. South-directed oroclinal foldingFinal Report. Geoscience Victoria 3D of the Lachlan Orocline hypothesisin the Lachlan Fold Belt: a solution toVictoria Report 14. Department of (Cayley, Musgrave, and Preiss 2012;apparent OrdovicianEarly SilurianPrimary Industries, Melbourne.Moresi et al. 2014; Musgrave 2015). Thecomplexity. Program and Abstracts,Robertson, K., G. Heinson, and S. Thiel. Palaeozoic arc systemsthe CambrianSGTSG biennial conference, Waratah2016. Lithospheric reworking at the Mount Wright Arc and its continuationBay, Australia. Geological Society ofProterozoicPhanerozoic transition under the Menindee trough, andAustralia Abstracts 102: 1921. of Australia imaged using AusLAMP the highly prospective Ordovician toDuan, J., and D. Kyi. 2018. AustralianMagnetotelluric data. Earth and Silurian Macquarie Arccan likewiseLithospheric ArchitecturePlanetary Science Letters 452:be traced into the middle crust. Cross- Magnetotelluric Project (AusLAMP):2735. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.cutting conductivity structures underVictoria: Data Release Report. Recordepsl.2016.07.036.the Macquarie Arc align with the belt2018/21. Geoscience Australia,Spampinato, G. P. T. 2018. 3D fault of major CuAu porphyries definingCanberra. http://dx.doi.org/10.11636/ architecture of the eastern Lachlan the Lachlan Transverse Zone (LTZGlenRecord.2018.021. Orogen, New South Wales. Geological and Walshe 1999). A curved conductorGlen, R. A., M. W. Dawson, and G. P.Survey Report No., GS2018/0576, within the enigmatic HayBooligalColquhoun. 2007. Eastern LachlanGeological Survey of New South Wales.Zone matches predictions that the zoneOrogen Geoscience Database (onWelch, S. I., D. V. Higgins, and G. S. includes the southern continuation ofDVD-ROM) Version 2, GeologicalCallaway. 2011. Surface Geology the Macquarie Arc, detached and bentSurvey of New South Wales,of Victoria 1:250 000. Melbourne: during development of the LachlanDepartment of Primary Industries,Geological Survey of Victoria, Orocline. Maitland, NSW, Australia. Department of Primary Industries.JuNE 2020 PREVIEW 20'