b'Geophysics in the surveysNews3D wireframe model of New South WalesThe Geological Survey of New Southwidespread sequences of basalticprogram is developing a series of Wales (GSNSW) has followed a statevolcanic rock. interlocking 3D models to better wide approach to 3D modelling sincerepresent the states geology 2014, building regional-scale modelsThere is extensive evidence of theand improve visualisation and of basins, major faults and depth ofgeological evolution the state,understanding of the relationship cover. The first version of an integratedhowever most data are collected frombetween the different elements of 3D model of the state has now beenoutcropping rocks or those near surfacethe crust. These 3D models have drafted and will be released in mid- (Glen 2005; Gray et al. 2006; Spampinatowidespread applications, including 2020. et al. 2015). Currently, almost all of thefor land-use management, mineral known metal resources and occurrencesand energy resource exploration, The geological evolution of NSW isin NSW occur in areas of outcroppingscientific research, water resource very complex and spans almost twoor sub-cropping geology (Hough,management, civil engineering and billion years of Earth history. East ofBierlein, and Wilde 2007). This reliancewaste management.the Proterozoic Curnamona Craton,on surface and near-surface data the Neoproterozoic to Cambrian rocksplaces a significant limitation on theAs a part of its 3D modelling program, the of the Delamerian Orogen record theunderstanding of the states geology asGSNSW will soon release a 3D wireframe break-up of the super-continent Rodinia,well as the ability of explorers to findmodel of the state (Figure1). The model followed by the growth of orogenic beltsnew resources. illustrates the nature and tectonic setting along the eastern margin of Australia,of outcropping and concealed basement forming most of the Phanerozoic rocksunderstanding geology inrocks (Figure2) and their relationship to of NSW, which are collectively knownthree dimensions is a key factoroverlying basins. The 3D wireframe model as Tasmanides (Glen 2005). Overlyingfor exploration planning andof NSW incorporates:these basement rocks are a series ofestimating mineral resource Palaeozoic (e.g. Darling Basin), Mesozoicpotential, particularly in areas wherethree-dimensional surfaces (e.g. EromangaSurat Basin, Sydney prospective geology is obscuredrepresenting crustal-scale structures Gunnedah Basin) and Cenozoic (e.g.by younger, un-prospective rocksthat exert major control on the Murray Basin) basins interspersed withand soil. The GSNSW modellinggeological architectureFigure 1.Preview of the 3D wireframe model of NSW (basement geology) with colours highlighting the different pre-Carboniferous tectonic zones. Image has a 4 vertical exaggeration.21 PREVIEW JuNE 2020'