b'Geophysics in the surveysNewsgeological terranes of eastern Australia and will inform new mineral exploration as well as government land-use decisions.The 3D wireframe model of NSW also provides a geological framework for future detailed modelling. The 3D data integration highlights gaps in data and geological understanding that will focus future GSNSW work. The model is dynamic and will be updated as new data Figure 2.Details of the Curnamona Province and Delamerian Orogen (left) and eastern Lachlan Orogenare collected.(right) from the 3D wireframe model of NSW. 30% transparency has been applied to the basement units. Images have 3 vertical exaggeration. The 3D wireframe model of NSW will be released as Geoscience ANALYST project, GOCAD and DXF compressed files and will be available online through MinView in mid-2020.Giovanni SpampinatoGeological Survey of New South Wales giovanni.spampinato@planning.nsw.gov.auReferencesColquhoun, G. P., K. S. Hughes, L. Deyssing, J. C. Ballard, G. Phillips, A. L. Troedson, C. B. Folkes, and J. A. Fitzherbert. 2018. NSW Seamless Geology dataset, version 1 [Digital Dataset]. Maitland: Geological Survey of New South Wales.Glen, R. A. 2005. The Tasmanides of eastern Australia. Geological Society of London, Special Publications 246: 2396.Figure 3.3D fault model of NSW. Surfaces are coloured by the interpreted fault order: first order (red- Gray, D. R., D. A. Foster, R. J. Korsch, brown), second order (blue-green), third and fourth order (mustard) and undetermined (light grey). and C.V. Spaggiari. 2006. Structural style and crustal architecture of the volumes illustrating the surface2018) and the Statewide 3D Fault ModelTasmanides of eastern Australia: distribution and undercover extensions(Spampinato 2018). The NSW Seamlessexample of a composite accretionary of the major Pre-CarboniferousGeology dataset provides a statewideorogen. Geological Society of America tectonic subdivisions of NSW compilation of the best-availableSpecial Papers 414: 119132.embedded sedimentary basins thatmapping data in an internally consistentHough, M. A., F. P. Bierlein, and include all the major stratigraphic unitsformat. The Statewide 3D Fault ModelA.R.Wilde. 2007. A review of the and basin-scale structures integrates all available geological andmetallogeny and tectonics of the digital terrain, basin and basementgeophysical data to determine theLachlan Orogen. Mineralium Deposita interfaces. geometries of faults and structures that42: 435448.define the architecture of the orogensSpampinato, G. P. T. 2018. 3D fault Constraining data for the 3D modelling(Figure 3). architecture of the eastern Lachlan includes geological maps and cross- Orogen, New South Wales. GS Report sections, seismic sections, drillholesThe 3D wireframe model of NSW hasGS2018/0576. Geological Survey of (petroleum, minerals, coal and waterdrawn together and consolidatedNew South Wales, Maitland.bores), structural measurements andprevious large-scale structuralSpampinato, G. P. T., L. Ailleres, P. G. gravity and magnetic data. interpretations and extended faultsBetts, and R. J. Armit. 2015. Crustal mapped in the NSW Seamless Geologyarchitecture of the Thomson Orogen The 3D wireframe model of NSW followsto crustal-scale depths. The modelin Queensland inferred from potential the completion of the NSW Seamlesscontributes to a better understanding offield forward modelling. Australian Geology dataset (Colquhoun et al.the tectonic setting and distribution ofJournal of Earth Sciences 62: 581603.JuNE 2020 PREVIEW 22'