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ASEG news - Issue 26, 1st June 2020

Dear Members,

In the May Newsletter you will find information on:

Thank you to our volunteers
Online Technical Talks
ASEG Research Foundation
Membership Renewal
Discovery to Recovery - new economic geology podcast!
Welcome to our new CorporatePlus Member
ASEG Webinars
SEG Webinars
News from the states
Upcoming events (National and International)
The latest in Exploration Geophysics
What's new in Preview?
Member Spotlight: Dr Yvette Poudjom-Djomani (MBA)
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Thanks to our corporate members

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Thank you to our volunteers

Last week was the National Week of the Volunteer, a week to reflect and appreciate all the volunteers at ASEG, past, present and future. The ASEG was set up in 1970 to promote the science of geophysics and fosing fellowship and cooperation amongst geophysicists. For the last 50 years, hundreds of volunteers have brought this vision to life.

Thank you to the State (& Territory!) Branches, Federal Executive, Science Committees, Research Foundation and the hundreds of members who have contributed to EG and Preview volunteered to give a talk (even the good lookin' ones that write this Newsletter).

If you have considered volunteering, there are there are many opportunities, some of the places you can volunteer;

  • Communication & Promotions,
  • Web,
  • Young Professionals,
  • Finance,
  • Technical Standards, and
  • Membership.

Contact for more information.

Online Technical Talks

As part of the #ASEGWebinars, the ASEG has hosted talks on: Bayesian joint inversion, Working on Mars, Hydrogeology of Antarctica, Magnetics, EM, Marine... the list goes on! Catch up on these talks on the ASEG YouTube Channel. To see what is the next webinar - check out the ASEG webinars in the Newsletter.

ASEG Research Foundation

The ASEG Research Foundation was established in 1989 to attract high-calibre students into undergraduate and postgraduate exploration geophysics programs in Australian universities. Over the past three decades the Research Foundation has directly supported 119 exploration geophysics research projects at Honours, MSc and PhD level. The successful 2020 project grants will be announced in the June edition of Preview.

More than $1 million of funding grants has supported projects across the petroleum, minerals and engineering fields of geophysics and assisted the next generation of talented earth science graduates towards a rewarding career in geophysics. As little as $3,000 can support an honours project and make it viable by providing support for field and lab work. If you would like to make a donation to the Research Foundation, head to the ASEG website. Remember, all donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Membership Renewal

Membership renewal is around the corner. Head to the ASEG Website to renew now. The ASEG is working to support members by providing opportunities to connect and information in multiple formats:

  • 'Preview' and 'Exploration Geophysics'
  • Monthly ASEG Newsletter delivered directly to your inbox
  • Access to virtual presentations and events hosted by state branches, (face-to-face meetings expected to resume in line with local COVID-19 restrictions),
  • Professional development opportunities through online lectures and educational material

If you have any questions about membership, or wish to apply for hardship please contact the Secretariat at

Discovery to Recovery - new economic geology podcast!

The Society of Economic Geology in partnership with Seequent have recently started a new podcast, Discovery to Recovery. The weekly podcast brings you geoscience and technology stories from the world of ore deposits. Delve into stories and up to date discussion of topics relevant to economic geology exploring the technical, scientific, and human aspects of the world of ore deposits.

Welcome to our new CorporatePlus Member

The ASEG has a CorporatePlus member, Total Seismic. Formed in 2016, Total Seismic provides expert geophysical/geotechnical consulting and project delivery services for sectors.

Total Seismic joins our other Corporate Plus Members; HiSeis and VelSeis and Corporate Members; Santos, Archimedes Financial Planning, Southern Geoscience Consultants, SAExploration and GDD Instrumentation Inc.

To learn more about our CorporatePlus and Corporate Membership, visit the ASEG Website

Follow our social media pages to stay up-to-date with the latest talks. Past talks can be found on the ASEG Videos Page.

Recommend a talk suggestion? Email

Date Presenter Title Registration Link
Tues 02 June
1000 AWST |
1130 ACST |
1200 AEST
Dr Ian Moffat Searching for the Beaumont Children and Other Adventures in Unmarked Grave Detection More details and to register click here
Thurs 11 June
1200 AWST |
1330 ACST |
1400 AEST
Dr Anandaroop Ray
(Geoscience Australia)
Probabilistic Seismic Full Waveform Inversion (FWI) More details and to register click here
Thurs 25 June
1000 AWST | 1130 ACST | 1200 AEST
Dr. Sumit Verma
Seismic Attribute Illumination of complex fault network North Slope, Alaska More details and to register click here
Tues 07 July
Time TBA
Dr David Annetts
Ten Years in the wild: The P223 Experiment TBA - Visit the ASEG Events

SEG Webinars

The SEG are hosting a range of Webinars that are free to attend but require pre-registration.

Date Presenter Title Registration Link
Tues 02 Jun 2020
2100 AWST | 2230 ACST | 2300 AEST
Sugandha Tewari
Samir Abdelmoaty
Insights into the Hydrocarbon Potential of the Egyptian Red Sea
Tues 09 Jun 2020
2100 AWST | 2230 ACST | 2300 AEST
Waveform inversion: Can we teach intelligent machines to illuminate the Earth and if so, at what cost?
Wed 17 Jun 2020
2130 AWST | 2300 ACST | 2330 AEST
Europe is stepping up mineral exploration solutions to support green technologies
Friday 26 Jun 2020
2100 AWST | 2230 ACST | 2300 AEST
TBA Update structural Models in Real Time using Machine Learning More details and to register click here
Tues 22 Sept 2020
0400 AWST | 0530 ACST | 0600 AEST
Dr. Estella A. Atekwan (2020 Virtual Near Surface Global Lecturer) Biogeophysics: Exploring Earth's subsurface biosphere using geophysical approaches More details and to register click here

Branch upcoming events

Due to COVID19 all in-person state branch activity has been suspended. Details about future ASEG Branch events can be found on the ASEG website.

The ASEG WA branch has student support available to attend the AEGC 2021. Please contact or for more details, applications close late July.

For a more complete calendar of events see Preview

Date Event
11-16 October, 2020 SEG 2020 Annual Meeting, Houston, Texas
6 December 2020 82nd EAGE Annual Conference and Exhibition, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
7-11 December, 2020 AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, California
18-21 April 2021 AEGC 2021, Brisbane, Queensland

Dear Exploration Geophysics readers,

I trust you are all still virus free. If you are still trapped at home I suggest a visit to the Exploration Geophysics webpage, a new issue has been published. If you’re not and allowed to roam free ...please enjoy your freedom.

ASEG members can access Exploration Geophysics articles free of charge by logging into the ASEG website and navigating to Professional > Publications > Exploration Geophysics.

From the newly published online articles I recommend a read of the paper by Ted Lilley on the analysis of magnetotelluric data.

Enjoy your reading.



Dr Mark Lackie

Exploration Geophysics Editor

A reminder that the April issue of Preview is available online.

Our "best of" series, marking the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists, continues in this issue. Don Emerson, who was Editor of Exploration Geophysics from 1984 to 1993 makes his choice. We are also blessed with a mini-feature; Terry Harvey (Mineral geophysics) coaxed Des Fitzgerald into sharing some of his accumulated wisdom in his article on "Quality control in airborne geophysics."

Whilst we are counting our blessings, David Denham (Canberra observed) notes that gold miners are benefiting from the current economic uncertainty. He also introduces the new Resources Minister and surveys the Federal Government response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Mike Hatch (Environmental geophysics) considers how far is far enough, and no, he is not referring to social distancing. Mick Micenko (Seismic window) looks back 40 years, and Ian James (Webwaves) muses on lossless versus lossy compression.

Sadly we also say goodbye to Brian Spies - a true friend and valued colleague to many of us.

The June issue of Preview is currently in production and should be published online in early June

Proposed contributions for future issues can be submitted by email to the editor at

Lisa Worrall

Preview Editor

Dr Yvette Poudjom Djomani has a PhD and a MBA, experience in industry, academia and government and working across the world. Yvette joins the Federal Executive, as the Branch Liaison Officer.


  1. What is your current role?
  2. I am a Senior Geophysicist in the Geophysical Acquisition and Processing section at Geoscience Australia (GA). Among other things, I am responsible for the quality control of magnetic and radiometric data acquired in Australia and managed by GA, and delivery to the public.

  3. For how long have you been a geophysicist?
  4. I have been a geophysicist for over 25 years. I started off as a research scientist at the University of Leeds (England) and Macquarie university (Sydney), then worked in a private consulting firm (for the mining and petroleum industry) for a couple of years before joining the government.

  5. What's one thing you wish someone had told you when you were at university?
  6. Make sure you broaden your learning so you are not too specialised. Also build interpersonal relationships with people and expand your network outside your organisation.

  7. Where was your best sunrise/sunset location?
  8. In the Northern Territory (Australia), near Uluru.

  9. What do you do in your spare time?
  10. Not sure I really have spare time with a family of five (husband and 3 kids). However when I do have free time, I love watching movies and singing. I lead a small choir in the African community of Canberra, singing gospels in different languages. I absolutely love it!

  11. What is a challenge you have overcome and how did you do so?
  12. Working in a male-dominated environment has been quite challenging for me. I have had to work really hard, making sure I am judged for my skills and not for who I am. Combining this with resilience and persistence gives positive outcomes 90% of the time.

  13. When you are asked "What's a geophysicist?" or "What does a geophysicist do?" what is your stock answer?
  14. It's someone who applies physics to geology. A geophysicist uses instruments to look inside the earth, just like a radiologist uses x-ray to see through one's body.

  15. Given a choice, would you prefer extra mentoring on the science, your career or the how to handle/explain exploration geophysics and its benefits to the community?
  16. While mentoring on my career is good, I would favour a mentoring on how to explain exploration geophysics to the community. Understanding the benefits of exploration geophysics to a community will be a great way to attract more students to take up geophysics at university.

  17. Do you think AI will take over your job or will the human element remain vital to exploration successes?
  18. Although AI and machine learning play an important role in making everyone's work easier and perhaps more efficient, I think the human element remains key to exploration success because it's based on observation. However, AI could be more efficient for processing large datasets and possibly identify some prospects. Time will tell.

  19. What reaction do you mostly get when you tell someone that you are a geophysicist?
  20. I'm often asked: "what do you mean?" Obviously, geophysics does not seem to be popular. It all becomes clearer once I give a detailed explanation of what it means.

    In the field: Dr Yvette Poudjom-Djomani photographed leaning into the cockpit of an aircraft of an airborne geophysical contractor.

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