Welcome to new Members The ASEG extends a warm welcome to 7 new Members approved by the Federal Executive at its December and January meetings (see Table). First name Last name Organisation State Country Membership type Christian Bell Melbourne University VIC Australia Student Richard Chopping CSIRO WA Australia Active James Groombridge Retired/Consultant VIC Australia Active Muhammad Iqbal Curtin University WA Australia Student Syeda Sara Mobasher Schlumberger SA Australia Associate Kyle Sterry Terrex Seismic QLD Australia Active Tomas Tam University of WA WA Australia Student ASEG Research Foundation Attention: All geophysics students at honours level and above ¾ ¾ You are invited to apply for ASEG RF grants for 2019. ¾ ¾ Closing date: 28 February 2019. ¾ ¾ Awards are made for: �  BSc (Hons) Max. $5000 (1 Year) � MSc Max. $5000 per annum (2Years) � PhD Max. $10 000 per annum (3Years) ¾ ¾ Application form and information at: https://www.aseg.org.au/foundation/how-to-apply ¾ ¾ Awards are made to project specific applications and reporting and reconciliation is the responsibility of the supervisor. ¾ ¾ Any field related to exploration geophysics considered, e.g. petroleum, mining, environmental, and engineering. ¾ ¾ The completed application forms should be emailed to Doug Roberts, Secretary of the ASEG Research Foundation: dcrgeo@tpg.com.au ¾ ¾ The application documents have been reviewed and some rules have changed for 2019 and later grants. ASEG Research Foundation Goal: To attract high-calibre students into exploration geophysics, and thus to ensure a future supply of talented, highly skilled geophysicists for industry. Strategy: To promote research in applied geophysics, by providing research grants at the BSc (Honours), MSc, and PhD level (or equivalent). Management: The ASEG RF Committee comprises ASEG Members from mining, petroleum and academic backgrounds, who serve on an honorary basis, and who share the administrative costs to spare Research Foundation funds from operating charges. The funds are used in support of the project, for example, for travel costs, rental of equipment, and similar purposes. Funds must be accounted for and, if not used, are returned to the ASEG Research Foundation. Donations to the ASEG Research Foundation are always very welcome and are tax deductible. Contact the ASEG if you wish to make a donation 5 PREVIEW ASEG news New Members FEBRUARY 2019