Executive brief The Federal Executive of the ASEG (FedEx) is the governing body of the ASEG. It meets once a month, via teleconference, to see to the administration of the Society.This brief reports on the monthly meetings that were held in December 2018 and January 2019. We hope you find these short updates valuable. If there is more you would like to read about on a regular basis please contact Megan on fedsec@aseg.org.au Finances The Society’s financial position at the end of December 2019 is: Year to date income: $454 170 Year to date expenditure: $596 892 Net Assets: $960 047 Membership Please remember to renew your ASEG membership for 2019. If your membership has lapsed you should receive a reminder email soon. The number of Members current at the end of January 2019 is 519. Welcome to the new student Members, graduate Members and all new Members. Please follow us on social media - search for Australian Society of Exploration Geophysics on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Remember that early and mid-career Members can join the ASEG Young Professionals Network https://www. aseg.org.au/about-aseg/aseg-young- professionals. Survey In the next month you will receive a short membership survey. Your feedback is important to the Federal Executive and we appreciate you taking the time to complete the survey. Website I hope you have had a chance to look at the updates to our new website, its looking great. Take a look at all the events that can now be found there. You will also notice the 26th ASEG conference is being advertised – visit www.aegc2018.com.au and get your abstracts in soon! By the time you read this brief, the ASEG State Branches will be holding their AGMs and the federal AGM will be just around the corner. If you are interested in volunteering please contact Megan fedsec@aseg.org.au or your local Branch President. Megan Nightingale Secretary fedsec@aseg.org.au Notice of Annual General Meeting (AGM) The 2019 AGM of the Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists (ASEG) will be held at Geoscience Australia in Canberra on April 4 2019. The meeting will be hosted by the ACT Branch. Details will be supplied via email. Drinks will be available from 16.00 and the meeting will begin at 16.30. The business of the Annual General Meeting will be: • To confirm the minutes of the last preceding general meeting; • To receive from the Federal Executive reports on the activities of the Society during the last preceding financial year; • To receive and consider the financial accounts and audit reports that are required to be submitted to Members pursuant to the Constitution and to law; • To consider and if agreed approve any changes to the ASEG Constitution; • To report the ballot results for the election of the new office holders for the Federal Executive; • To confirm the appointment of auditors for 2018. The AGM will be proceeded by a scientific presentation. Dr Steve Hill, Chief Scientist at Geoscience Australia, will be the guest speaker and there are plans underway to have the talk live-streamed. Invitation for candidates for the Federal Executive Members of the Federal Executive serve in an honorary capacity. They are all volunteers and ASEG Members are encouraged to consider volunteering for a position on the Executive or on one of its committees. Current members are listed in Preview; please contact one of them if you wish to know more about volunteering for your society. Self- nominations are encouraged. In accordance with Article 8.2 of the ASEG Constitution‘ … The elected members of the Federal Executive are designated as Directors of the Society for the purposes of the [Corporations] Act.’ The Federal Executive comprises up to 12 members, and includes the following four elected members:- (i) a President, (ii) a President Elect, (iii) a Secretary, and (iv) a Treasurer. These officers are elected annually by a general ballot of Members. Dr Ted Tyne was elected as President-Elect in 2018 and as such will stand for the position of President. The following offices are also recognised: (i) Vice President, (ii) the Immediate Past President (unless otherwise a member of the Federal Executive), (iii) the Chair of the Publications Committee, (iv) the Chair of the Membership Committee, (v) the Chair of the State Branch Committees, and (vi) up to three others to be determined by the Federal Executive. These officers are appointed by the Federal Executive from the volunteers wishing to serve the Society. Nominations for all positions (except Past President) are very welcome. Please forward the name of the nominated candidate and the position nominating for, along with the names of two Members who are eligible to vote (as Proposers), to the Secretary: Megan Nightingale ASEG Secretary Care of the ASEG Secretariat PO Box 576 Crows Nest NSW, 1585 Tel: (02) 9431 8622 Fax: (02) 9431 8677 Email: fedsec@aseg.org.au Nominations must be received via post, fax or email no later than COB Tuesday 7 March 2019. Positions for which there are multiple nominations will then be determined by ballot of Members and the results declared at the Annual General Meeting. Proxy forms and further details of the meeting will be sent to Members prior to the meeting by email, and made available to Members on the Society’s website. 4 PREVIEW FEBRUARY 2019 ASEG news Notice of AGM