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ASEG Newsletter | Issue 27 | June 2020

Dear Members,

In the June Newsletter you will find on:

Achievements of Geologist Dr Kathy Sullivan
Geoscience Australia EFTF Roadshows
SEG Online Courses
WA Student Awards Open
ASEG Professional Development
New Dates for AEGC 2021

And of course, our regular articles.

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Achievements of Geologist Dr Kathy Sullivan

Kathy becomes the first woman to reach the deepest point in the ocean.. not to mention she's also done a space walk...

Congratulations to Dr. Kathy Sullivan who recently became the first woman to dive the Challenger Deep in the Marianas Trench - the deepest point in the ocean. Kathy is also the first American woman to walk in space, making her the first person to both walk in space, and descend to the deepest point in the ocean. Read a little more about some of her amazing adventures here.

Geoscience Australia EFTF Roadshows

Exploring for the Future was a $100 million initiative by the Australian Government dedicated to boosting investment in resource exploration in Australia. The four-year program focussed on northern Australia and parts of South Australia to gather new data and information about the potential mineral, energy and groundwater resources concealed beneath the surface.

Registrations for the EFTF virtual Roadshows are now open. Register here

Exploring for the Future online Roadshows

Date Time (AEST) Topic Description
7 July 12:00 - 13:00 Plenary Presentation An overview of the goals, integrated scientific highlights, outcomes, and legacy of the Exploring for the Future program from Geoscience Australia senior leaders.
14 July 12:00 - 14:00 Minerals Roadshow Taking an integrated look through the entire lithosphere with a particular focus on the region between Tennant Creek and Mt Isa.
15 July 12:00 - 13:00 Energy Roadshow Highlighting the scientific outcomes and exciting discoveries made across the Canning and South Nicholson basins.
16 July 12:00 - 13:00 Groundwater Roadshow Highlighting scientific outcomes that will assist in supporting communities, the environment and economic development in Northern Australia
17 July 12:00 - 13:30 Discussion Panel: Science, Innovations, and Impact Marking the achievements and breakthroughs made by Geoscience Australia and collaborators in the Exploring for the Future program and also looking further ahead – Where will the new data, tools and knowledge lead? How do we build on this program in the future? Can we make that future arrive faster?

SEG Online Courses

The SEG is offering online courses; some free and some with small cost. Topics include Python for beginners, Technical Communication for Geophysicists, Seismic Interpretation, Business Fundamentals for the Petroleum Engineer, Advanced EM… the list goes on. Visit the SEG Events page to find out more.

WA Student Awards Open

Invitations for submission are extended to West Australian Undergraduate (second year or higher) and Post-Graduate Geophysics students for the 2020 student awards. To be considered for an Award submit a completed Application Form, with requested supporting documentation, via email to wasecretary@aseg.org.au . Applications Close 31 August 2020

Applicants will be notified of the outcome of the Awards. The students will then receive their awards at an ASEG WA tech night in 2020. Honours and post-graduate level award recipients may be requested to give a public presentation on their research at a technical or student night held by the Society. This is an excellent opportunity for students wishing to present their research at AEGC!

ASEG Professional Development

The ASEG wants to equips our members with the tools to navigate a challenging work environment, that is why we are including professional development content. The ASEG are hosting a free webinar, Mentoring through change, a perspective, aimed at geophysicists at any stage in their career. The webinar will cover our shared leadership challenges, what we need to do more of, and less of, where to go to for help and how you can make the most of new opportunities for your workplace, your teams and for you in your own leadership sphere. The webinar will be presented by Marina Costelloe, former President of the ASEG, current Science and Technology Australia board member, who mentors and coaches many people in all stages of their career. Join us Tuesday 14 July at 3pm AWST, 4.30pm ACST, 5pm AEST. To register visit ASEG Events.

If you have any recommendations for content or courses, please email secretary@aseg.org.au

New Dates for AEGC 2021

The AEGC 2021 is postponed due to current situations caused by COVID 19. The organising committee has released the new dates for AEGC 2021: 15-20 September 2021. We look forward to catching up with you then. For more information, see the website.

Follow our social media pages to stay up-to-date with the latest talks. Past talks can be found on the ASEG Videos Page.

Recommend a talk suggestion? Email communications@aseg.org.au.

Date Presenter Title Registration Link
Tues 07 July
1000 AWST 1130 ACST 1200 AEST
Dr David Annetts
Ten Years in the wild: The P223 Experiment More details and to register click here
Tues 14 July
1500 AWST 1630 ACST 1700 AEST
Marina Costelloe
(Geoscience Australia)
Mentoring through change, a perspective More details and to register click here
Wed 15 July
1430 AWST 1600 ACST 1630 AEST
Indrajit G. Roy (PhD)
ACT Tech night - Computations methods in Geophysics More details and to register click here

SEG Webinars

The SEG are hosting a range of Webinars that are free to attend but require pre-registration.

Date Presenter Title Registration Link
Tues 22 Sept 2020
0400 AWST
0530 ACST
0600 AEST
Dr. Estella A. Atekwan
(2020 Virtual Near Surface Global Lecturer)
Biogeophysics: Exploring Earth's subsurface biosphere using geophysical approaches
More details and to register click here
23-24 Feb 2021 SEG Advances in Marine Seismic Data Acquisition Workshop More details and to register click here

Branch upcoming events

Due to COVID19 all in-person state branch activity has been suspended. Details about future ASEG Branch events can be found on the ASEG website.

The ASEG WA branch has student support available to attend the AEGC 2021. Please contact wasecretary@aseg.org.au for more details, applications close 31 August 2020.

Update from ACT

Well, a relatively quiet month for the ACT branch but a chance to take stock of the current interesting times we find ourselves in - and to start planning talks for the coming months! Thus the ACT branch will take the opportunity for June to plug a couple of great webinars we have coming up; webinars where both speakers are more than happy to present to the entire ASEG audience and beyond (details provided at the end).

In July, we are delighted to have Dr Indrajit G. Roy, Research Geophysicist, speaking on "computations methods in geophysics". This is a passion of Indrajit's who brings with him more than 27 years' experience in geophysical data acquisition, processing, modelling and interpretation employed across a number of geoscientific agencies around the world. He is one of the very special geophysicists whose background covers both seismic and non-seismic geophysical methods, including potential field techniques and magnetotellurics. The talk will focus on mathematical derivatives and the challenges of robust and precise estimation, how to minimize errors and will provide insight into many of their applications.

In July I will be speaking on "Mentoring through change, a perspective", this talk is aimed at geophysicists at any stage in their career and will cover shared leadership challenges, what we can to do more of, and less of, where to go to for help and how you can make the most of new opportunities for your workplace, your teams and for you in your own leadership sphere. There will be lots of time for questions and discussions.

Registration for both seminars can be obtained through the ASEG Events Page, with Marina's and Indrajit's scheduled for July 14 and 15 respectively.

Marina Costelloe

For a more complete calendar of events see Preview

Date Event
11-16 October, 2020 SEG 2020 Annual Meeting, Houston, Texas
6 December 2020 82nd EAGE Annual Conference and Exhibition, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
7-11 December, 2020 AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, California
25-27 May 2021 AustMine, Perth, Australia
15-20 September 2021 AEGC 2021, Brisbane, Queensland

ASEG members can access Exploration Geophysics articles free of charge by logging into the ASEG website and navigating to Professional > Publications > Exploration Geophysics.

Dear Exploration Geophysics readers,

For your "opening the borders" reading I suggest a glance at the new papers that have just come online. I recommend a look at the paper by Wang et al. on locating water-filled mine tunnels or perhaps the paper by Li and Zhang on the processing of random roadway source signals to generate seismic data that can be better analysed to locate problem areas.

On a different note, I am seeking an Associate Editor with EM interests to expand the pool of Associate Editors. If you are interested, please send me an email and we can chat about what is involved.

Dr Mark Lackie

Exploration Geophysics Editor


The June issue of Preview is now available online.

Our "best of" series, marking the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists, continues in this issue. John Denham, who was Editor of Exploration Geophysics from 1994 - 99 makes his selection.

We also have a second feature; Kim Frankcombe has delivered on a promise to write up some work he has done on approximating magnetic response from topography (Magnetics in the mountains). If you are processing magnetic data acquired in topographically challenging environments, this article is one you will want to bookmark!

David Denham (Canberra observed) reflects ruefully on 2020 - a year that is only half over. He also directs us towards some interesting reports that have been recently released, including a CSIRO report on hydrogen as an energy source. Michael Asten (Education matters) considers the impact of COVID-19 on geophysical teaching and research. Mike Hatch (Environmental geophysics) resumes his quest to improve the interpretation of data collected using ground conductivity meters. Terry Harvey (Mineral geophysics) offers sage advice about survey design. Mick Micenko (Seismic window) puts on his beer goggles. Tim Keeping (Data trends) revisits ASEG GDF2, and Ian James (Webwaves) warns us to check up on our privacy.

Proposed contributions for future issues can be submitted by email to the editor at previeweditor@aseg.org.au


Lisa Worrall

Preview Editor


Our Member Spotlight is off to Perth to meet Ian James!

Ian James has worked on six different continents, a marathon runner and currently working as a Senior Geophysicist for HiSeis. Ian fills an important role on the ASEG FedEx, he is responsible for the website. Read a little more about Ian ...

  1. What is your current role?
  2. I am a senior geophysicist at HiSeis. I work with a great team of people and HiSeis has given me the freedom to spend time testing and developing new ideas.

  3. For how long have you been a geophysicist?
  4. Since '08.

  5. If you weren't a geophysicist what would you be?
  6. I was going to join the Royal Marines after university. I applied for a few other jobs while waiting for the entry date and was offered a job in Australia. I thought to myself, Australia? Afghanistan? I think maybe I'll go to Australia and be a geophysicist. Probably the correct choice. Having said that, when I was a child, I wanted to be a pirate when I grew up. So maybe that's an option to keep in mind for the next downturn....

  7. Tell us about your best field meal?
  8. Maybe a cross between stuffing my face with mangoes in the Northern Territory and one of the tasty meals on a Terrex field crew. I can certainly remember meals on projects overseas that were less enticing and chipping your tooth while gnawing on bones is a memory that doesn't fade.

  9. Where was your best sunrise/sunset location?
  10. Forget sunrise and sunset. Seeing the stars when you are working remotely, with little to no light pollution, is incredible.

  11. What are you reading at the moment?
  12. I go through books at a good rate of knots. At the moment I am rereading Brandon Sanderson's 'The Way of Kings'. I find the Stormlight Archive books very uplifting. Before that, I read the English translations of Maurice Druon's 'The Accursed Kings' series about the French monarchy in the 14th century.

  13. What made you decide to be a geophysicist?
  14. Errr. More of an accident really. A happy accident. I really enjoy being a geophysicist.

  15. What do you do in your spare time?
  16. Update the ASEG website! Sometimes I just jump online and put random spllling mitsakes into things. Otherwise, I exercise a lot, mostly running and racing 1/2 marathons and marathons.

  17. What reaction do you mostly get when you tell someone that you are a geophysicist?
  18. What's that? Which leads to...

  19. When you are asked "What's a geophysicist??" or "What does a geophysicist do?" What is your stock answer?
  20. A geologist that knows maths. If they ask more questions I back away slowly. Or not. I can bend someone's ear about geophysics for far too long.

    Photo of Ian James on top of the world, working at Salares Norte in Chile.

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