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ASEG news - Issue 13, 30th April 2019

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In today's news you'll find information on:

AEGC 2019: Data to Discovery
Geophysical instruments for sale
ASEG is on Instagram
National Science Week Grants
On the Rocks Geological Video Contest
National Rock Garden in Canberra
Unsung Hero Awards of South Australian Science
Science Meets Parliament 2019
Australian Women's Leadership Symposiums
News from the states
Upcoming events (National and International)
The latest in Exploration Geophysics
What's new in Preview?
Member Spotlight: Tim Dohey
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AEGC 2019: Data to Discovery

Instruments for sale

The late Kevin Wake Dyster accummulated a large collection of instruments during his career which the estate would like to sell to his fellow professionals. Kevin's colleagues Henk van Paridon and Ron Palmer are assisting the estate and have established a website with pictures. Many more items will be added as this large collection is assessed, so for any interested parties it will be a good idea to revisit the site over the coming months. Some of the early highlights include gravity meters, EM34-3 XL, seismographs, magnetometers and surveying instruments. There are also many beautiful collectors items.

ASEG is now on Instagram

The ASEG have now joined Instagram! Feel free to follow @aseg_news where you will see photos from our members. Please send through any photos you would like featured on the Instagram page to .

National Science Week Grants

Whilst the national grants closed in November last year, applications for community grants to host science events are open in various states and territories. The grants support community groups, organisations and businesses in celebrating science during National Science Week.

Applications for the 2019 Community Grants and Seed Grants are now open. Eligible organisations or individuals may apply for a grants for a project to be delivered during or close to National Science Week, 10-18 August 2019.

Applications mostly close during May but vary between regions so please follow the link to find information relevant to your location.

On the Rocks Geological Video Contest

'On the Rocks' is the first Italian Video Contest organized by the Italian Geological Society (SGI), Italian Society for Mineralogy and Petrolog (SIMP), Italian Paleontological Society (SPI), which asks all participants to tell their research, their discovery or new ideas about Earth in a creative, totally informal form.

The participants shall create a video of a maximum duration of 3 minutes. All audio-visual techniques are accepted: from cartoon to keep / stop motion, from an amateur film (shot with the phone) to a professional video.

Entry is open to everyone, and more information can be found on the website. The contest is open until 23 June 2019.

National Rock Garden in Canberra

There is interest for Friends of the Garden to be actively involved in the development of the National Rock Garden, whether it is working on fundraising, research, sourcing stones, joining one of the committees or generally promoting the garden. If you would like to be actively involved please do not hesitate to contact the National Rock Garden Committee. The Rock Garden is on Facebook too. There is a newsletter sent to all Friends twice yearly. Older issues are on the website and can be downloaded from the Newsletter page

Unsung Hero Awards of South Australian Science

The Unsung Hero Awards of South Australian Science are a joint initiative of National Science Week SA and the Australian Science Communicators SA (ASCSA), and are administered by National Science Week SA. For many years, there was only one award, but the winner was often somebody who was as notable for science communication as for science. Two awards are now offered: one for science and research endeavours, and one for science communication. They are collectively known as the Unsung Hero Awards of South Australian Science.

Download the nomination form and guidelines.

Nominations are now open and close at 5pm on Friday 31 May 2019.

Applications open for scholarships to attend Science Meets Parliament 2019

Early bird registrations close on 30th April 2019 for Science meets Parliament 2019 to be held in Canberra on 13-14 August. This year is a great opportunity to connect meaningfully with Parliamentarians soon after a Federal election. Be a part of shaping Australia's future, register as a delegate at A range of scholarships are on offer, including Regional STEM scholarships; Indigenous scholarships; and STEM Pride scholarships to support a diverse range of delegates to attend our annual event. Applications close 15th June. #SmP2019.

Australian Women's Leadership Symposiums

The Australian Women's Leadership Symposiums are a national series of events focused on the experiences of women leaders in the contemporary workforce. Taking place in every state and territory capital between May and August, the Symposiums are an unparalleled gathering of the best and brightest female talent. Keynote speakers include Tina Arena AM, Ita Buttrose AO OBE, Clare Bowditch, Michelle Cowan, The Right Hon Dame Jenny Shipley, Jacqui Lambie, Jessica Rowe and many, many more.

The symposiums will feature a range of presentations, panel discussions and interactive sessions covering a range of topics, including:

- To change or to disappear: 3 strategies as a leader to survive in an ever-changing business environment

- Breaking the competency trap and developing adaptive leadership

- Womenkind: Unlocking the power of women supporting women

- Let's talk about non-traditional roles

- Lessons learnt in the world of politics

- Be heard and remembered: How to use your stories to influence effective change in the workplace

An attendance discount of 25% is currently available by entering code ANSY19 at the time of booking (available until each symposium sells out). For more information and to book:

Branch upcoming events

Branch Date Presenter Title Venue
NSW 15-5-19 Doug Morrison TBA Club York, 99 York St, Sydney
NSW 19-6-19 John Triantafilis TBA Club York, 99 York St, Sydney
WA 8-5-19 Darren Hunt (Teck) Teena Zn Prospect - New Insights for Geophysical Discovery of Shale-hosted Zinc Deposits Celtic Club, West Perth
WA 9-5-19 Joint Industry Mentoring Program: Self awareness Workshop
WA 12-6-19 Dr Tim Dean (Curtin University, CSIRO) Recent advances in land seismic acquisition technology Celtic Club, West Perth
WA 27-6-19 Mentoring Program mentor session
SA/NT 8-5-19
5:30 pm for 6:15 pm start
Matthew Zengerer Application of Gravitational Curvature Analysis to Structural Domaining of Geology Coopers Alehouse, 316 Pulteney St, Adelaide
QLD 14-5-19, 17:30 Wayne Stasinowsky The Magnetic Tensor: What is it and why should we use it? XXXX Brewery

For a more complete calendar of events see Preview

Date Event
6-9 May 2019 Offshore Technology Conference, Houston USA
13-17 May GeoConvention 2019, Calgary, Canada
19-22 May 2019 GEM2019: International Workshop on Gravity, Electrical & Magnetic Methods and Their Applications, Xi'an, China
27-30 May 2019 APPEA 2019 Conference & Exhibition, Brisbane, Australia
3-6 June 2019 81st EAGE Conference & Exhibition 2019, London, UK
11-13 June 2019 AGU/SEG Airborne Geophysics Workshop, Golden,USA
8-18 July 2019 International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics, Montreal, Canada
23-25 July 2019 UNCOVER Curnamona, Broken Hill, NSW
19-22 August 2019 16th International Congress of the Brazilian Geophysical Society & EXPOGE, Broken Hill, NSW
2-5 September 2019 AEGC 2019, Data to Discovery, AEGC, Perth, Western Australia
8-12 September Near Surface Geoscience Conference & Exhibition 2019, The Hague, Netherlands
15-20 September 2019 SEG International Exposition and 89th Annual Meeting, San Antonio USA
6-9 October 2019 16th SAGA Biennial Conference & Exhibition, Durban, South Africa
29-30 October 2019 Asia Petroleum Geoscience Conference & Exhibition (APGCE 2019), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
14-15 November 2019 Dorothy Hill Women in Earth Sciences Symposium, Brisbane, QLD
18-22 November SGTSG: Convergence on the Coast, Port Lincoln, SA

Volume 50 Issue 2 has just come out with a range of interesting articles. I have been reading a paper by Okamoto and Tsuno on P-waves, epicentral distance and early warnings and I can see that readers are looking at the paper by Wang and Zhang on acoustic reflection logging. As well, the AEM special issue is progressing well with most articles in final review. If you want a look at some of the articles that will make the volume have a glance at the paper by Oldenburg et al on 3D EM modelling.

Dr Mark Lackie

Exploration Geophysics Editor

The next (April) issue of Preview will soon be available online. This issue includes not one but two feature articles. The first, by Brian Kennett, Richard Chopping and Richard Blewett, introduces us to their recently released book The Australian continent: A geophysical synthesis. The second article, by Alison Kirkby, expands on a proposal by the MT community to establish metadata standards for time series MT.

In addition, our regular commentators continue to surprise and delight. David Denham (Canberra observed) gives us some good news on exploration expenditure before casting his beady eye over what the major parties are likely to offer the resources sector during the upcoming federal election. Michael Asten (Education matters) reports on the mentoring of early-career professionals in WA. Mike Hatch (Environmental geophysics) takes us inside a Geoscientists without Borders project mapping groundwater in Laos. Terry Harvey (Minerals geophysics) offers us an insight into a Brave New World without mining. Mick Micenko (Seismic window) advises on footprint removal. Tim Keeping (Data trends) considers machine learning and Dave Annetts (Webwaves), in a final salvo, adjures us to take password security seriously.

Finally, in a first for Preview, we are challenging our readers with a crossword. The first ASEG Member to submit a correct entry will win two Hoyts E- CINEGIFT passes!


Lisa Worrall

Preview Editor

This issue we get to know Tim Dohey. Read on to find out more... To nominate yourself or to recommend someone for the Member Spotlight, please contact


  1. What is your current role?
  2. Australia-Asia-Pacific Regional Geophysicist for Newmont Goldcorp

  3. For how long have you been a geophysicist?
  4. My first geophysics job was in 2003 on an EM field crew in Northern Quebec and Labrador. I was introduced to helicopters, black bears, black flies, and carrying large amounts of wire.

  5. What do you like most about being a geophysicist?
  6. Initially I liked the science and travel; however the bigger passion that's developed over the years is the excitement of exploration.

  7. If you weren't a geophysicist what would you be?
  8. My Plan A was to be an astronaut! They do need a geophysicist for the first mission to Mars, so you never know…

  9. What is your best interview tip?
  10. Be passionate, curious, and confident. It's all in the attitude. You can teach a trainable person anything, but you can't teach attitude.

  11. Where was your best sunrise/sunset location?
  12. Best sunrise: Greenland or Brazil. Best sunset: Peru or Perth.

  13. What are you reading at the moment?
  14. I'm embracing my newly adopted country of Australia by reading the Batavia, by Peter Fitzsimons.

  15. What made you decide to be a geophysicist?
  16. As an undergrad I had wanted to do something technical involving physics, but didn't want to be stuck in a cubicle.

  17. Your funniest or worst field memory?
  18. Wearing a full hooded fly jacket in northern Labrador despite the heat because the black flies have no mercy, and eating my sandwich every day by pulling it up the sleeve and eating it inside the hood.

  19. Your most respected geophysicist?
  20. I've benefitted from a number of great mentors throughout my career, but I was probably most shaped by my early years with the geophysics group at INCO, led by Alan King and Ben Polzer.

  21. What do you do in your spare time?
  22. Currently trying to learn to surf, and doing quite poorly.

  23. What is a challenge that you see in geophysics today, and how do you see the community overcoming it?
  24. As a profession, geophysicists have made incredible strides in data collection/processing/modelling over the past 20 years, but when compared to previous generations I think that we have lost some ability to get the most value from the data by thorough interpretation. I think the solution is in regular collaboration with other geoscience disciplines, prioritizing results over processes, and putting more time/effort into old-fashioned chin- scratching.

  25. What is the best way that the ASEG could let the public know about geophysics and its benefit to the everyday life?
  26. Interaction with the public by speaking at high schools and universities is valuable. A novel approach is to incorporate it into a legitimately fun event, such as the Pint of Science festival.

  27. Where do you think exploration geophysics will head in the next 10-15 years?
  28. In two directions at once: embracing a less automated and more thoughtful approach of interpretation as was done in the past, while also sprinting into the future by fully embracing emerging technology (e.g. machine learning, drones, etc.). I also see there being an increasing need for geophysicists as mineral exploration becomes more focused on making discoveries under cover.

  29. Do you think AI will take over your job or will the human element remain vital to exploration successes?
  30. For the foreseeable future, there are tasks that machines are much better suited to, and there are tasks that humans are much better suited to. I see this as being potentially complimentary, and will allow us to spend more time doing the things that add greater value.

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