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National MT and AusLAMP SA Release Day

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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

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South Australia Drill Core Reference Library

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The national UNCOVER strategy identified the collection of a national network of magnetotelluric (MT) data as one of the highest priorities for the Australian geoscientific community. AusLAMP is a collaborative national MT project focused on acquiring long-period MT data at approximately 2,800 sites across Australia at about 50 km spacing.

The aim of this workshop is to celebrate the success of AusLAMP by bringing the MT community of Australia together with all interested in understanding the lithospheric architecture of the continent, to discuss the methodology, interpretation and future progress of this important geophysical method and associated datasets.

The workshop will also celebrate the completion of the South Australian portion of AusLAMP and the release of this new MT data. Magnetotellurics has the capacity to provide an unprecedented insight into the architecture of the Australian continent and its mineral systems. This insight is revolutionising the way in which mineral exploration is conducted and this workshop will explore the key outcomes of AusLAMP.

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