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The Future of Cloud-based Spatial Geoscience Data and its Application in Exploration

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Tuesday, May 25, 2021

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The Kelvin Club

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ASEG Victoria is pleased to announce the second of our autumn series of in-person branch events with another technical meeting night.  You are cordially invited to join us for a talk by Dr. Fabian Kohlmann (Managing Director, Lithodat Pty Ltd) on Tuesday May 25th from 6pm at The Kelvin Club.  Admission to this event is free for members only, so please ensure you have renewed your membership for 2021 before registering.



The Future of Cloud-based Spatial Geoscience Data and its Application in Exploration


Well managed, standardized data is vital for the resource industry as it currently undergoes an intense digitalization phase. As most available geoscientific datasets are usually bound by regional extends and have their own attributes and requirements, it is often challenging to merge all data into a consistent global framework which can then be used across boundaries without limits. Lithodat’s vision is to provide geoscientists with global geoscientific databases and built-in analytics to gain fast new insights about regions of interest. To achieve that goal, a team of experts extract, validate and integrate data in our unique cloud-hosted relational database.


Rather than storing data from many different projects in separate spreadsheets and folders, Lithodat’s consolidation of data opens the full potential that spatial geoscience data has to offer. Using the right tools means that spatial relationships can be analyzed on the fly, helping to solve scientific questions and industrial demands alike. For that purpose, we have developed LithoSurfer, our online platform for data viewing, analytics and extraction. LithoSurfer gives quick access to regions of interest or dive into the wealth of additional information (analytical details, lab information, literature etc.) for each datapoint. All data can be extracted in multiple formats ensuring that new techniques such as machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) can take full advantage of Lithodat's databases.


In this talk we demonstrate the data acquisition process starting in the field using our fully integrated LithoSurfer FieldApp, the range of data types captured, and tools developed to rapidly display spatial data information on LithoSurfer. The discussion also includes examples of the potential integration of new datasets within exploration workflows, and the development of new fully-integrated tools, such as on-the-fly paleogeographic reconstructions which lead to an improved understanding of tectonic events and changes in paleo-topography through time


Bio: After three years of Equinor sponsored post-doctoral work at Bergen University, Norway, Fabian joined Neftex Petroleum Consultants in 2013 to develop global paleo-digital elevation models and build a global thermochronology database for integration into plate modeling, basin modelling and gross depositional environment mapping workflows. After Neftex became part of Halliburton, he was put in charge of the thermochronology team and became part of Halliburton’s global Source-to-Sink project. Fabian left Halliburton in 2018 to join Lithodat Pty. Ltd., a new cloud-hosted geoscience data company based in Melbourne. Fabian holds a PhD degree in Earth Sciences from the University of Melbourne and a MSc degree in Geology and Paleontology from the Ludwig-Maximillian University in Munich, Germany.


Note: Light refreshments will be served during the evening.


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