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Vertical Component Fluxgate Magnetometer

Vertical Component Fluxgate Magnetometer



Method: Magnetics


Electronic fluxgate technology was developed during WWII. The fluxgate module is mounted internally concentric with the instrument housing. To operate, after turning the instrument on, it must be suspended to hang vertically and steadied to align the levelling bubble in the centre of its bull’s eye. When steady, the relative value of the vertical component of the magnetic field can be read off the analogue scale. A switch can be used to select the most appropriate range scale. The typical measurement time is about 15 seconds and best resolution is 10 nT.

Relative vertical field component measurement. Resolution

Serial Numbers: 7,308, 7,334 and 57,124

Years of manufacture: 1950 - 1965

Origin: Jalander, Helsinki, Finland

Weight: 1.3 kg