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Caesium Magnetometer Sensor

Caesium Magnetometer Sensor



Method: Magnetics


By 1978, the US had declassified its military development of Cs sensors and these could now be purchased from it developer, Varian Associates. Varian later licensed their product to Scintrex and later to Geometrics. The instrument exhibited was produced by Scintrex under licence to Varian. A feature of this sensor is that the polarising filter was divided into two halves, one right circular polarising and the other left circular polarising. In doing this, the small, equal and opposite heading effect associated with each polarisation were able to cancel each other. This was described as a compensated sensor.

Absolute Total Field sensor.

Serial Number: 3010103

Year of manufacture: 1980

Origin: Scintrex. Toronto, Canada

Weight: 1.9 kg