eBook Download: Geological Interpretation of Aeromagnetic Data by David Isles and Leigh Rankin

This book is a practical manual for aeromagnetic interpretation written primarily for geologists.

As well as covering the basic physics of magnetic anomalies and chemistry of magnetisation in rocks, it features three expansively worked examples illustrating the integration of aeromagnetics and geology in terrains ranging from Archaean ‘granite-greenstone’ to Phanerozoic sedimentary basins.

It generously illustrates modern imagery and the basic steps in the integration and interpretation process.

Based on the short course “Geological Interpretation and Structural Analysis of Aeromagnetic Data” conducted by the authors since 1995, the book aims to provide readers with the basic qualitative observation and interpretation skills necessary for integration of aeromagnetics with geology.

It is suited to both explorers and mappers, and covers the basic targeting concepts used in mineral, hydrocarbon and groundwater exploration.

Purchase information:

The main volume of the book is supplied as a PDF (about 40Mb) while the high-resolution Appendices are supplied as a ZIP file (about 510 Mb), both of which can be downloaded on completion of purchase.

$99.00 AUD
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