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ASEG Webinar: How regional geophysical data has reshaped tectonic analysis of the Australian continent

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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

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1800 (AEST)

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1900 (AEST)

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FedEx invite you to join us on ZOOM for the next talk in the ASEG Webinar Series.


Please join us on Tuesday 26th May, 6:00 pm (AEST) for a talk by Peter Betts from Monash University.


How regional geophysical data has reshaped tectonic analysis of the Australian continent


Regional aeromagnetic and gravity data is a powerful tool for tectonic analysis because it can be interpreted and modelled at different scales, and it is very effective at imaging different crustal levels.  The signal in the data can also be linked to geological features and processes, and importantly, it is amenable to structural analysis, which can be used to inform 3D geometry, kinematics, and overprinting relationships.  When combined with geological context the data can constrain tectonic settings and evolutions, and importantly provide context for mineral system analysis.  We use examples from the IOCG belts of Proterozoic Australia.  We present data from the Mount Woods Inlier in the northern Gawler Craton and interpret what is likely one of the oldest preserved metamorphic core complexes on Earth.  We then illustrate how tectonic analysis can be used to resolve complex geology of the Mount Painter Inlier in the northern Curnamona Province.


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Pete Betts is a Professor in the School of Earth, Atmosphere and Environment and is the Associate Dean of Graduate Research in the Faculty of Science.  His expertise is in structural analysis of regional aeromagnetic and gravity datasets, forward modelling of gravity and magnetic data, regional tectonic and geodynamic analysis, ancient and modern tectonic synthesis.  He has a diverse portfolio of research that includes the dynamics of congested subduction, ocean initiation processes in the Red Sea, tectonic evolution of the Australian Plate, mineral system analysis, New Zealand Tectonics and geophysics of volcanoes.  He has been awarded the Geological Society of Australia Bruce Hobbs and S.W Carey medals for his contributions to Australian tectonics.  He has extensive consulting experience with the Australian and international exploration community where he predominately delivers regional geological synthesis and high-resolution aeromagnetic interpretations to target mineral deposits and reduce exploration risk.