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ASEG WA February 2021- Student Tech Night

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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

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The Shoe Bar, Shop GSO7, Yagan Square, 376 - 420 Wellington St, Perth CBD

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ASEG WA February 2021- Student Tech Night

Venue: The Shoe Bar
Tuesday 23  February 2021
5:30 pm start, 6-7 pm presentation
The Shoe Bar
Shop GSO7 Yagan Square
376 - 420 Wellington St
Perth CBD

The WA Branch of the Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists is excited to invite you to our first face-to-face live ASEG WA Tech Night in 2021. We are trying out a new venue in CBD at Yagan Square, but still with the usual snacks and drinks provided. Note that there is plenty of public transportation, and, if need-be, paid parking is available at nearby Wilson Parking - 427 Murray St - Google Maps. - Also, for those of you who missed 2021's AGM bash and its handouts, your 50th Anniversary baseball caps will be available to take back home with you. And, once again, we'd like to thank our sponsors for their continued support for 2021 and the future.

For this meeting, we are hosting our upcoming Student Tech Night presented by local WA Honours, Masters or PhD Students from UWA and Curtin.
       Four students will give short presentations on their recent work in the field of geophysics at this annual student night. Attendees will be asked to vote on the best presentation, and one student will be awarded a prize courtesy of the WA branch.


1) Partha Pratim Mandal
Title: Geomechanical characterization of unconventional gas shale - Example from Goldwyer shale formation
Bio: Partha Pratim Mandal is a PhD student at Western Australia School of Mines, Curtin University and currently works on geomechanical characterization of unconventional gas shale in the onshore Canning Basin. His research work focuses on in experimental design and assessment of geomechanical properties under in-situ condition, viscoelastic creep response, ultrasonic recording, computation of elastic anisotropy, geomechanical modelling (1D and 3D) and hydraulic fracturing of unconventional gas shale. He is recipient of several student awards from PESA, AAPG and AIG.
2) John Shepherd
Title: Quantitative 3D seismic stratigraphy of the Bight Basin, southern Australian margin: Preliminary findings
Bio: John Shepherd is currently undertaking a petroleum-based PhD in quantitative seismic stratigraphy at the Centre for Energy Geoscience, UWA. His research focusses on investigating shelf-margin architecture and deep-water sand delivery in the Bight Basin. He is employed part-time as a geology tutor and swims competitively.
3) Sofya Popik
Title: P-Wave Anisotropy Estimation from 3D VSP Data Acquired with Geophones and DAS at Otway Site.
Bio: Sofya Popik is a PhD candidate in Exploration Geophysics at Curtin University, Australia. She completed her BSc and MSc degrees in Geophysics at Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia. Sofya's PhD is in seismic monitoring. It focuses on integration of borehole and surface seismic monitoring techniques in CO2 geosequestration projects. This research project proposes to optimize acquisition of the monitor surveys using collaborative analysis of borehole seismic and surface seismic data. 
 4) Muhammad Atif Iqbal
Title: Petrophysical rock typing integrated with mechanical stratigraphy to identify producible and brittle layers in gas shale plays.
Bio: Mr. Muhammad Atif Iqbal is currently a PhD candidate in Western Australia School of Mines (WASM), Curtin University. His PhD research is focused on heterogeneity understanding through high-resolution multiscale (analytical and machine learning-based) rock typing to identify producible and brittle layers in gas shale plays. He has more than six years of industry and research experience as a Geoscientist with petroleum and mineral exploration companies. His expertise lies in core logging, formation evaluation, petrophysics and reservoir characterisation

Please rsvp in the link here to get a spot as seats are limited. We are looking forward to see you there.