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ASEG History Appendix 2

President's Page, ASEG Bulletin, Volume 1, Number 1, September 1970

The ASEG was formed, four months ago, by members of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists resident in Australia, to promote fellowship and understanding among those, in this country, who are interested in the profession of Exploration Geophysics.

Since then, we have been privileged to welcome into the Society over 150 earth scientists – both geophysicists and geologists.

A feeling appears currently to be growing within the ASEG that our initial objectives could be made broader. Some members have expressed to me the view that, in this young exploration environment, what is needed is a Society in which, not only geophysicists, but exploration earth scientists generally, may get together.

It is suggested that those of you who have something to say upon this matter, or upon other matters concerning the Articles of the Society, should consider contributing such ideas to future issues of this paper in order that a consensus may be reached of generally desirable improvements to those Articles.

At least one member has suggested that the ASEG should provide some avenue through which members may freely express their views upon matters which they consider of concern to Australian earth scientists; regardless of whether such matters be technical, financial, political, educational, social or moral in nature. It is hoped that members who feel that the axes which they currently grind have edges common to those of other earth scientists will use this paper as a grindstone.

ASEG Sub-Committees have been created to spearhead the Society’s activities in fields where members have expressed the desire to be active. These Sub-Committees have indicated their wish to have an ASEG publication through which to attract members to their various causes and by which to keep members informed of what they are planning and doing.

A means for publishing first class technical papers and guest speaker’s texts has also been requested.

Those responsible for this paper’s appearance agree that there is altogether too much reading material produced in the present day world. We nevertheless have come to the conclusion that an ASEG publication is desired by many members and should therefore be given a try. Whenever you have something to say – even if it is to tell us to stop publishing – send it to the Editor. In the common interest, keep items brief and pointed. A pertinent heading, followed by sarcastic, humorous or serious comment is usually more telling than a page of print – and is certainly less trouble for your Secretary.

R.A. Macqueen

President ASEG